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Dinosaur Features. Comes with Sound and Lighting. He Walks and performs Head swings. Approx. 19 inches long by 12 inches tall. Requires 3 AAA Batteries. (Not included).3 years or older.


$ 18.95$ 18.95
R/C Clever Dragonfly. Full 3-D Flight. and Stable Hover. Approx. 10 1/2%22Lg. Wing dia. 9 3/4%22.


$ 29.75$ 29.75
Shovelloader Highly%20detailed dynamic display Model. Moves forward backward, shovels up and down. remote control. Requires 4 AA batteries. for 3yr's and over.


$ 17.95$ 17.95
R/C Mini Speed Twister Cool New Version Performs Acrobatic tumbles, spins and rides on rear wheels.Uses 4 aa Batteries.Not included


$ 17.95$ 17.95
Fashion doll wears Evening Gown and has 20 outfits plus Dresser Comb and Hair dryer. for 3yr's


$ 19.95$ 19.95
Radio Controlled. Excite Racing Car.Full function: Moves forward, Backward, Left, and Right. Includes Battery and Charger.


$ 24.95$ 24.95
Doggie Musical Instrument. Plays Wonderful Melodies for Kids! requires 3 AA Batteries (Not included). for 3yr's and over.


$ 15.95$ 15.95
RD268 Red Super Car has Lights and Music. Moves Forward, Reverse, Left and Right. Approx. 10 1/2 inches lg X 6 inches w. Includes Charger and battery. Remote requires 2 AA Batteries.(Not included)


$ 19.95$ 19.95
Tip Lorry Toy Train. Rides in 4 different positions for loads of Fun! (Colors may vary, Red or Blue).


$ 11.95$ 11.95
R/C Turbo Twister Tornado/Stunt Vehicle. It tumbles, spins and rides on rear wheels. Incredible stunt actions.


$ 19.95$ 19.95
Mily doll bounces and Spins on her Pogostick. She Talks and Laughs. Requires 6 AA Batteries.%20for 3yr's


$ 14.95$ 14.95
Champion R/C Car rides backward, forward, Stops and turns. Vehicle is 10 1/2%22 x 4 1/4%22w Requires 4 AA Batteries and 2 AA Batteries for Controller-Not included.


$ 19.95$ 19.95
High Performance Police car R/C Opens all Doors. Moves Forward Reverse, Left and Right. 12 in X 6 1/4 W. Charger and battery included. remote uses 2 AA Batteries (Not included)


$ 29.75$ 29.75
MT-28072%3Cbr%3E(Out of Stock)
R/C Robot Walks, Talks, Dances and Shoots Safe Foam Disks. 12 inches Tall.


$ 0.00$ 0.00
R/C Flatbed Truck carries 2 Construction vehicles.Truck Moves Forward, Backward, Left and Right. Car and Transmitter requires AA Batteries.(Not Included)


$ 21.95$ 21.95
RC718%3Cbr%3EOut of Stock
Skatey R/C Roller Girl Skates Forward Backward, Spins and Dances to Music. Approx. 15%22 Tall. 4 years or older.


$ 0.00$ 0.00
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