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0249 Atom7 Robot - Battery Operated. He  Walks, Talks, Spins and Shoots Soft and Safe Foam Disks from its Mouth. Not Remote controlled. Just turn switch to On and watch him go! Batteries included) Ages 6yrs


      Sale Price $29.95

3391 Emily Bounces & Spins on her Pogostick She Talks & Laughs as she plays. Touch sensor. Approx. 13 1/4"h x 5"w Requires 6 AA batteries. (Not included) 3 yr's+

Sale Price $24.95

8838C1 Fashion Doll wears Evening Gown and has 20 Beautiful outfits for hours of Fun and Fashion. Includes Dresser, Comb and Hair Dryer accessories. (Doll's Gown may vary) 3 yrs+

Sale Price $24.95

6825SA Shovelloader Truck Highly detailed dynamic display model. Moves forward, backward, shovel up & down. wire controller. Requires 4 AA batteries. 3 yr's+.

Sale Price $24.95


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XD6805A Hercules Super Bulldozer. Moves Forward & backward, Left & right hand bend. Machines under arm & hands of Splay. Wire control. Requires 4 AA Batteries. 3yr's+

 Sale Price $24.95

RC718 Skatey R/C Roller Girl. Skates Forward, Backward, Slides, Glides, Spins  and Dances to Music. Includes 6 AA Batteries, Charger & 1  9v Battery. Approx. 15" Tall. 4 years and older.


 Sale Price $29.95
"Out of Stock"

 RC0877 R/C Motorcycle Girl rides to Music & Lights. Moves forward, backward and spins in circular motion. Includes Safety Helmet, Rechargeable Batteries and 9V battery for Transmitter. Approx. 10"h x 11 1/2" lg. Outfit and motorcycle colors may vary. 3 years and older.


Sale Price $29.95


NEW!! 235-5 Animal Park Blocks. Includes 35 pieces for Great Fun Assembling your own Shapes! Ages 3 years and older.

Sale Price $21.95

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NEW!!! 5588 Doggie Musical Instrument. Plays Wonderful Melodies for Kids with Loads of Fun! Requires 3 AA Batteries. 3yr's+

 Sale Price $19.95

NEW!!! 3220 Musical Piano and Mic for "Sing-A-Long". Includes 22 Demonstration Songs,  keyboard can be played with Rhythms, Tones and Percussions included. Requires 4 AA Batteries (Not included)  For Ages 3 years and older.

 Sale Price $21.95

NEW!!! 180 Tip Lorry Train Has Flashing Lights and Music. Can ride in 4 Positions. Requires 3 AA Batteries (Not included) Colors may vary Red or Blue. Ages 3 years and older.


Sale Price $21.95


NEW!!! 2050 HoopShoot. Includes Basketball and Pump. Over 4.5 ft tall. Easy assembly. No tools required. Fun for all Ages 5 years and older.


Sale Price $29.95


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NEW!!! 15286 AWACS with Flashing Lights and Realistic Sound Effects. Rides on flat surfaces. Easy assembly. Requires 3 AA Batteries (Not included)  For Ages 3 years and older.


 Sale Price $24.95

NEW!!!  LX166 Airbus with Flashing Lights, Sound and Music Rides on flat surface with re-directional bump and go. Requires 3 AA Batteries (Not included) Ages 3 years and older.


Sale Price $24.95



NEW!!! The Popular

"Twister Tracks 360 Loop"

Racecars & Emergency Vehicles

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